Welcome to Renfrew County, where my hometown of Pembroke is located. Renfrew County is the largest county in Ontario with a population of approximately 102,000. What makes this place so special you may ask?  It is the sense of community and the amazing people that make up this county. When coming into Renfrew County you will immediately notice how welcoming and outgoing each individual here really is. You will definitely feel at home and like you are a part of our one big family!

We have a great deal of attractions to offer from our Provincial Parks to the Ottawa River and our lively downtown core with many unique shops and restaurants.  You should consider visiting if you pass through the area or find yourself staying around Pembroke. In my opinion, my favourite attraction to visit is Wilderness Tours.  It is a beautiful resort located in Foresters Falls.  It is approximately 40 minutes from where I live and roughly 1 hour West of Ottawa, our Nation’s Capital.

Wilderness Tours was founded in 1975 by Joe Kowalski (owner) and 5 others. It all started when they decided to take rafts down a section of the Ottawa River knows as “Rocher-Fendu”. Since then the beautiful resort has bloomed and turned into a fun adventure for families and tourists alike.

At the Resort they offer 3 main adventures: rafting, kayaking, and bungee jumping. You can learn to raft down the picturesque Ottawa River with the best raft guides in the county. Their staff is highly skilled and will assist you so that you arrive down river safely and have fun while doing it! You can pick through different packages, ranging from Gentle (ages 5-12), Adventurous (ages 13+), and Extreme (ages 13+). Various family packages are available as well.

If you enjoy the surrounding scenery and the water, you should definitely give kayaking a try! Wilderness Tours offers sea kayaking (flatwater) and whitewater kayaking (rapids). Pick from Beginner, Intermediate, or Premier classes and a range of courses. You can choose 2-5 day courses, week camps, and adult courses. Join a class and learn to become a skilled kayaker and then test your ability on the whitewater rapids.

If you’d prefer to try an activity on dry land, Wilderness Tours has an adventure for you! If you’re a thrill-seeker and want to experience the rush of a lifetime, test out the bungee jump. You will be safely harnessed in and then jump 150 feet above the gorgeous Ottawa River! You can also enjoy many other activities such as mountain biking, fishing, horseback riding, and team building exercises!

If you are looking to create a great vacation memory, try out horseback riding. Wilderness Tours has teamed up with Horse Country Campground and now offers the unique opportunity to experience horsemanship! The “Learn to Horseback Ride Experience” allows families and individuals to learn all about horses.  It teaches you how to groom and care for the horses, practice groundwork, ride in the ring with an experienced trainer, and allows you to horseback ride along the the pristine Ottawa Valley countryside.

The building “Rafters” is the heart of the Wilderness Tours site! This building features a licensed restaurant, reception desk, River Shop, sun deck, a campfire pit, and an amphitheatre.  You can also enjoy movies and some dancing at Rafters!

After spending the day out on the river, this resort will have all the accommodations you could ever want. Wilderness Tours is also an extraordinary place to camp out with friends or family! Enjoy a warm and cozy stay in a cabin that houses up to 12 people. Beach houses, farm houses, and lake houses are also available to rent.

Not only is this resort a place to get out on the water and into the wilderness but a place where the fun never ends and lifetime memories are made. If you are thinking about making a trip to Wilderness Tours with friends or family, visit the website to read about the adventures they offer and book your events!

Official Website:  http://www.wildernesstours.com/

Thanks for reading, until next time!


Written by: Olivia

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