Jen and JonI attended Challenge Day 2014 that was held at my school yesterday. And I can honestly say that it completely changed my life. It was the most eye-opening event that I have ever attended in my life. The two amazing people that did this for us were Jen and Jon (as shown in photo). They are the most inspiring people I have ever met. After the day was done I actually felt personally close to them. What they did was allow us as a group of students open up to each other and become closer as a student body. It was a very beautiful thing to see and I am so proud of every single person that was in that room, and it was extremely brave of everyone to participate. I love my school more and more everyday.

Okay so now I will get into what actually happened that day, in a short summary because if I wrote a play by play it would be a novel 😉 Haha. Okay so what we did was basically a few activities that really got us out of our comfort zone, and made us comfortable with the people in the room (about 130 students). We did things like hug people we didn’t know and hold hands with people we didn’t know but the most important thing was open up to people we didn’t know. After awhile these people that I once didn’t know I felt really close to them.  They listened to everything I had to say and I did the same in return.  It was a very emotional day, not going to lie. It was also life changing.

The job that Jen and Jon have is truly amazing I experienced enemies become friends and apologies from people in my school promising to change. The fact that these two people could create such peace at my school is amazing and I am forever thankful for what they do in this world.  I hope that I can do something like what they do and make a change in peoples lives for the better someday.

So, huge tank you to Jen and Jon, for making General Panet High school a better place to learn. If you would like to learn more about Challenge Day and what Jen and Jon do please visit there website, Challenge Day. And also if you have a challenge day coming up at your school I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you attend, it is one experience that you will honestly never regret, and never forget. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. If your school does not have a challenge day coming up, you can be the change and organize a challenge day for your school, click HERE  and HERE to learn how.

Thanks for tuning in today, have a great day everyone!

Miss Teenage RenfrewCounty♥♥

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