My first day at Miss Teenage Canada was absolutely incredible. I arrived into Toronto around 5:30 after a beautiful train ride. I made my way over to the hotel to finally meet all the delegates and get into my hotel room. Driving through the big city is a lot different from the small town that I live in. Instead of seeing plenty of trees and lakes there was buildings after buildings. Seeing the extravagant architecture and diverse culture was definitely amazing! When I arrived I was taken up to my room by Samantha Pierre, Miss Teenage Canada 2016. I was introduced to my roommate Madison, she is a lovely, soft-spoken girl, just like myself. I know we will have lots of fun this week.

Today was Day 2 of this wonderful adventure! All the delegates had their official photoshoots done with an amazing photographer, interview with the judges, shot their intro videos, and also shot their Top 20 videos. It was great fun and made for a wonderful second day! Tomorrow will be a little different than the past two day but all of us delegates are sure to have even more fun. I will keep you updated on our next adventure when the time comes.

I would like to tell you how happy I am be experiencing this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity but I can not believe I am actually here, it all feels like a dream. All the delegates are very unique and beautiful girls. Their genuine hearts and outgoing personalities make them an amazing group of people. I feel at home and at ease knowing I have constant support around me. Day 1 was definitely one I’ll never forget, from the overwhelming excitement to just getting into my hotel room. If this is exciting, I cant wait for pageant day! Stay tuned for updates every day until the big day day!

Talk to you soon!


Written by: Olivia

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