Hello! My name is Olivia and I am honoured to say that I was crowned Miss Teenage Renfrew County 2017 in May! I am 16 years of age and just completed grade 11. I live in the beautiful little city of Pembroke, Ontario! I live with just my beautiful mother, Catherine, and my 14 year old sister, Sofia. My mother, being a single mom, has an extremely hard responsibility raising us two teenagers by herself but she does an incredibly amazing job and never fails to bring happiness to our lives and support us with everything we need. My mother suffered 2 brain aneurysms a few years back and it was a big setback for my family but she remained the positive woman she is and overcame the illness with more power and optimism than before. My sister, Sofia, is an intelligent, kind hearted, outgoing little woman. She has a lot of energy and can always bring life to the party! Im lucky to have been blessed with these two incredible women I call my best friends.

I am going into my 5th year of high school so from grade 8 to grade 11 I have done many sports, joined many clubs, and made many friends over the years. I am part of the Student Athletic Council at my school, Student Secretary for student council and play on many sport teams. Over the years I have played volleyball, badminton, soccer, track and field, and did cross country. My favourites would have to be soccer and badminton for sure! I placed 2nd and 4th out of the 3 years I played badminton and made it to EOSSAA with my team as well. I qualified for EOSSAA for hurdles in track and have received many awards for my skills in sports at athletic banquets. I have also complete over 70 hours of community service hours, whether it has been through helping at banquets, cooking for special occasions, or planning events with the staff. I enjoy being involved within the school community because you do spend many years there and it becomes a temporary home, so make it fun and worthwhile!

Senior Girls Soccer Team 2016-17

Art, especially photography, has been my passion for as long as I can remember! As a kid I was very artistic and creative. Constantly painting and creating pictures in my head is what I remember vividly. As I grew up, art became more present in my life. In grade 7 my teacher was a professional artist and did many illustrations for kids shows and was extremely talented. I had the opportunity to expand my knowledge and talent in painting and sketching. I practiced for a few years then in grades 9-11 I took art courses and photography as well. I began to focus on photography more than drawing but I still tried to incorporate sketching into my everyday life. I began to sketch out my dream photographs. I began to take my camera everywhere and took thousands of photos. I excelled in the arts and ended up where I am today, school photographer and had my art on display for the community. As school photographer I attend the sporting events and take pictures for the players and yearbook. It is lots of fun and something I can enjoy for the rest of my life. Photography allows me to see the world, adventure, meet people, and put my creative twist on what I see through my own eyes.

“Photography is an art of observation. It has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.” -Elliott Erwitt

I like to go with the flow as much as possible but I do have a few goals I strive for and dreams I wish to come true some day. In the future I would love to have my own family and live somewhere away from my hometown. Not too far though because I will always be homebody. After highschool I hope to go away to school to become a Forensic Psychologist or a position in the police field. I think the mind is a complicated but interesting thing and incorporating it into criminology would make a fun and fascinating career.

Now before I wrap this up, I would like to speak about my friends. After all, I spend almost every minute of the day with them and they are an extremely important part of my life. These people have been my rock for a long time now and w

Just a fraction of the beautiful friends I have, but thank you to these girls who have supported me along this exciting journey!

e have been through just about everything. When the days are dark or the days are as bright as the sun, we are there for each other no matter what. We share laughs, smiles, and make memories everyday. They have lead me up to this point where I stand today. I am forever thankful that they push me to greatness and bring such joy into my life. They have all accomplished such great things themselves and are going to do even more great things for our world. So a big thank you goes out to my beautiful friends!

So there you have it, the basics about myself! I hope you were able to gain a bit more knowledge about me, Miss Teenage Renfrew County 2017, and I hope you join me on this wonderful journey to the Miss Teenage Canada pageant! Thanks for reading!

Written by: Olivia

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