MTC logoMy dreams have finally come true. Ever since I was little I have always wanted to do something along the lines of  competing in a pageant, being on TV, or some form of entertainment. So the Miss Teenage Canada pageant was the perfect opportunity to fulfill my dream.  I remember as a little girl watching pageants such as Miss Universe, and Miss USA. In my head I was always use to imagine myself in a big glamorous pageant like that. Then, my sister showed me a Youtube video to the Miss Teen Canada-World 2012 pageant. I thought to myself “wow this looks like so much fun, I wish I could do something like that!” but I didn’t think I could. With all theses fears in mind of me not getting the chance to do something as amazing as a Miss Teenage Canada pageant I decided to just take the plunge and click on that little APPLY NOW button, and that’s where it all started, I got accepted! At that moment I could not even contain my excitement! I only had a few shorts days to prepare myself for my first ever pageant. At moments I felt like it might have been impossible for me to compete but with my hard work and dedication I was able to make it to the provincial Miss Teenage Ontario pageant. And needless to say I did pretty well 🙂 , I was very happy with how that weekend went. It was a weekend I will never forget and I met so many amazing girls across Ontario.

Katie S.

Katie MTC-W 2008

MTC-W logo Now a little bit about the history of this pageant, The Miss Teenage Canada pageant is the largest teen pageant in Canada and in my opinion the best pageant. I say this because of all the research I have done on the pageant. I have watched over 4 hours of video on the pageant and read numerous articles about the pageant. This pageant had helped tons a girls across Canada become confident, beautiful, etiquette, young women. This pageant is owned by MTC-W Inc. and is produced by the wonderful Michelle Weswaldi. The original Miss Teen Canada Pageant was actually named Miss Teenage Canada for the first three years! The Miss Teenage Canada started in 1969 and was televised by CTV and was called Miss Teenage Canada till 1971 and in 1972 the name of the pageant was changed to Miss Teen Canada until it was shut down in 1990 due to financial concerns. Finally in 2008 Miss Teen Canada-World started which was and still is produced by Michelle, the first Miss Teen Canada-World 2008 was Katie Starke. MTC-W is the largest pageant in Canada with the most delegates, largest prizes, and the only pageant to hold a provincial level pageant before nationals. Plus the winner of the pageant gets to compete in Miss Teen Universe, which former MTC-W delegate Mattea Henderson competed in this year and won 1strunner-up at the

Mattea H.

Mattea H.

Miss Teen Universe 2014 pageant. The Miss Teen Canada-World pageant has changed their name this year to Miss Teenage Canada, and the title of Miss Teen Canada-World, no longer exist. This year the winner will be crowned and titled as Miss Teenage Canada 2014.

I believe that this pageant will give me a huge confident boost mostly because it already has. I already feel like a winner. Plus, all the amazing things I have gotten to do far really make me feel grateful for the opportunity given to me through this pageant.  This pageant will also help me become a better public speaker, and more involved in my community, it also gives me the skills I need for the future such as interview skills, and communication skills. I’ve been able to attend many events in my community and raise money for free the children as well.  On top of all of that, my journey as Miss Teenage Renfrew County isn’t over yet; I still get one whole fabulous year of helping out in community.

MTC-W 2011

MTC-W 2011

On that note, it would be the world to me to be able to become Miss Teenage Canada 2014. If I win the title, my number one main goal would just to make people happy and make them smile. My ultimate goal in life is just to make people happy. I would be most excited to win the trip to Kenya because I would be able to work with children and I absolutely love children and working with kids. That is what I plan to do for a future career, to be a children’s nurse. I would want to help my country as much as possible. My ideas are endless for the plans I have to follow my platform, to promote children’s self-esteem and a positive body image for themselves, as Miss Teenage Canada. I would want to try my best to attend as many mental illness awareness events to future educate myself on Mental Health and then visit as many elementary schools that I can to promote positive mental health. I would want to do this because I believe you have to stop mental illness before it can even begin and most time that is when we are young. Children need to know they are beautiful the way they are and no one can tell them differently. And that would be my goal as Miss Teenage Canada 2014.


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